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Memories of Thailand

This is my latest work-in-progress. I started this painting in 2009 during my first semester of grad school but never finished because my work took a different turn. Now I've been working on it for a few days, adding more volume to the figure, and I intend to tackle the water bottles next.

The image is based on a photo that I took of a water vendor in Bangkok on a rainy day. I hope to give a sense of the dreary weather by leaving the background very loose. I have only been painting landscapes for the past year, so it is exciting to be working on a figure again! Also, the limited palette is a great exercise and definitely helps keep things focused. I'm looking forward to finding out how I will finish it!

Current Exhibits /  News

TV Interview

The Urban Compass, Comcast Ch. 28

Friday, April 8, 4pm-5pm


Pen Women Regional Exhibition

DuPont Country Club

February 1 - Now


Oddball Art Hall

Oddity Bar

Friday, April 15, 8pm-1am


Wicked Winter

Talleyville Frame Shoppe & Gallery

Friday, March 4, 6-11pm


Artist Interview - Maia Palmer

Delaware Fun-A-Day



Delaware Center for Contemporary Art

Friday, February 5, 6-8pm

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